We offer several Volleyball Classes for ages 12 through 18 years old. The Volleyball Classes will consist of specific training designed to develop players fundamentals and help them gain a competitive edge for their club season. Please note that once payment is made for the class no refunds will be given.

 Types of Classes

Advanced Hitting
Hitting is a skill that requires thousands of reps to master. This class focuses on proper arm-swing mechanics and arm development to both prevent injury and increase arm speed and power. Basic and advanced concepts of approach and transition footwork and out-of-system hitting concepts will also be featured.

This class will be fast paced, physically demanding and challenging for players looking to change mechanics to achieve long-term success!

Advanced Setting
This camp is designed for the athlete to get a lot of setting reps with great technical feedback and training! This class is highly technical and will cover all aspects of setting, including both basic and advanced footwork; hand and wrist work and eye work will be covered.

Players will learn advanced concepts of setting, including offensive systems, decision-making, setter’s role in leadership and communication.

Advanced Passing
This class revolves around the important skill of passing. This class is a great opportunity for players of all positions to train their passing skills. This class will cover both basic and advanced technical aspects of serving. This will be a very high rep class.



Aaron Flores - Club Director

Kishen Kumar - Admin/Accounting

Volleyball Classes Schedule & Info

This program is for players ages 12-18

Max occupancy: 12 players per class

Date & Time: Wednesday 3-4pm

Duration: 6 weeks (Start Date: 4/12/23; End Date: 5/17/23)

Pricing: $119 per class, NO drop-ins