Boys Recruiting


Position Year # Player Height Video Link Approach GPA EMAIL/Status
OH 2020 1 Cade Gutierrez 6' 10'9"
OH 2020 2 Chance Gallardo 6'1" Chance's Video Link 10'7"
OH 2020 3 Noah Reese 6' 3
Libero 2020 5 Tomas Koja 6' Tomas' Video Link 10'2"
MB 2021 7 Andrew Robbins 6'5" Andrew's Video Link 10'10"
L 2020 8 Abel Buenrostro 5'10" Abel's Video Link 9'10" 4.2
OH 2022 9 Brandon Marina 6'5" Brandon's Video Link 11'
OPP/OH 2020 14 Ian Little 6'6" Ian's Video Link 11'1" 3.96 Verbal with BYU
OH 2022 15 Austin Miller 6'4"  
MB 2020 17 Nathaniel McIlvaine 6'2" Nate's Video Link 10'9" 3.7
OH 2020 22 Troy Hess 6'2" Troy's Video Link 10'8" 4.04
OH 2020 25 Harrison Skinner 6'3" 10'8" 3.5
MB 2020 26 Samuel Lipps 6'3" 10'8"
L/OH 2021 28 Angelo Elisan 6' 10'7"
S/OH/L 2022 33 Jared Schnake 6'1" Jared's Video Link 11'1"


At Forza1 we are happy to introduce you to our student-athletes who are preparing to play at the next level. We hope to provide college coaches with a snapshot of our recruitable athletes so they can easily identify future prospects. Let's get started!


For more information on our
18UA Boys Recruits please contact:

Ed Taitano
Boys Director

Dana Burkholder
Director, Forza1 Volleyball


At Forza1 we provide our student-athletes with guidance that will help them be successful in finding the right collegiate program. We also encourage our student-athletes to be pro-active in the recruiting process so they understand the commitment level and programs that interest them.

As former (and current) college coaches, recruiters and athletes we understand the ins and outs of recruiting and have a great network of coaches and tools to help Forza1 student-athletes find and commit to a program where they can succeed in all aspects of life. Our goal at Forza1 is to help every student-athlete find the right fit!

Visit our Forza1 Student-Athlete Guidance Center HERE


FORZA1 is proud to introduce you to our male athletes who have committed to play in college.





Outside/Middle Kyron Earls 2018 Morningside College
Opposite Ian Little 2020 BYU
Middle Bradley Handy 2019 Orange Coast College/UCI
Setter Steven Koja 2019 Vassar College
Opposite Nicolas Pallota 2019 UC Santa Cruz
Setter Kalei Taitano 2018 University of Saint Katherine, CA
Middle Christopher Calder 2018 UC Merced
Libero Tyler Vincelli 2018 UC Merced
Middle Yousef Johnson 2018 University of Saint Katherine, CA
Libero Angel Mercardo 2017 Coker, SC
Middle Justice Patterson 2017 Menlo, CA
Opposite Colton Rosendahl 2017 Erskine, SC
Middle Garrett Rodi 2017 Nazareth University, NY
Middle Gary Adams 2017 Cal State Long Beach
Outside David Hamilton 2015 San Diego City College
Middle Luke Armbruster 2016 St. Andrews, FL
Outside Nathanial Blackwell 2016 St. Andrews, FL
Libero Jacob De Souza 2016 St. Andrews, FL
Outside Noah Marcinkowski 2016 Adrian College, MI
Outside Cameron Jorgensen 2015 Limestone,SC