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FORZA 1 provides a professional environment and a top of the line training facility in combination with experienced coaches and high-level athletes. Our goal is to be one of the top 10 clubs in the Nation through proper training at all ages/levels, hard work, and professional organization. In 2020 we will have 4 coaches on staff with professional-international coaching experience as well as 3 with college coaching experience. Many of our coaches also coach locally for high schools.

forza1 Updates-Updated  12/1

Forza1 is committed to the continued health and well-being of our athletes and families.
We have permanently moved to our new Forza1 location at 35680 Penfield Lane Suite 101 in French Valley!

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2020/2021 Tournament Schedules


Dana Burkholder, Going Further  

As we head into 2021, we recognize more and more the reality of continuing global change and the need for new methodologies and tools to help kids thrive in our classrooms, sports and life beyond the court. Dana Burkholder will be going further in her efforts to be part of the change and lead the way with innovative ideas and action.  

We want to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that Dana has contributed to the lives of our members since opening in 2014. Her presence in our sports community has been felt by all, and more importantly, her care and encouragement for a positive development process has changed the game in our area. Over the last few years Dana has influenced many to think big and play big, and as a result, our elementary, middle and high school leagues are some of the best in California. In addition, Forza1 is one of the top-rated clubs in Southern California and nationwide, and this is a result of so many members of our team working together to further the game.  

With Dana’s experience and expertise in personal development, business, teams and management she can bring a greater understanding to the field of youth volleyball. In December, Dana will be moving on to serve the greater good and increase her impact in this important sport and in the lives of youth. Read the full release HERE 


Forza1 Volleyball stands in solidarity with our black employees, players and community. We are committed to the fact that diversity makes us stronger and we believe that together this strength will allow us to address racial inequality and provide real solutions that benefit our communities. Let’s do our part to educate each other and ourselves on the systemic racism prevalent in our country and stand in solidarity that all black lives matter and that racism of any kind is not tolerated.  Stay tuned for our Forza1 action plan this fall.

College Commitments

Kalia Thunstrom

2021, Utah State

Tamiya Wilson

2022, SFSU

Sierra Cates

2022, Virginia Tech

Fatima Sheriff

2022, UNLV

Miya Carmichael

2021, USNA

Emma Rhodes

2022, UCSB

Delaney Kiendra

2021, Middle

Kayla Fuller

2020, Long Beach State

Nate Mcilvaine

2020, Vanguard

Chance Gallardo

2020, University of Mt Olive

Anna Hawthorne

2021, Cal State Fullerton

Liana Woodley

2020, Weber State

Kylie Berg

2021, Columbia University

Claire Little

2023, BYU

Katrina Jensen

2020, Boston College

Kimberly Deboer

2020, SFSU

Briana Deboer

2020, SFSU

Reka Monteleone

2020, Nevada Reno

Hailey Hinkel

2020, Siena College

Juliette Russel

2020, Gonzaga

Cassandra Orozco

2020, Menio College

Jordan Doiron

2020, Vanguard

Chloe Sheer

2020, UCF

Devin Sivertson

2020, Concordia Irvine


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