On May 20th, 2016 Forza1 hosted the USA Volleyball Women’s National Team for a Red Blue Scrimmage at Murrieta Mesa High School. What an event!

Players and families began to arrive as early as 2pm to cue up for the event! What is a Red Blue Scrimmage? It’s a game where USA plays against itself to prepare for their Summer tournaments. The National Team carries approximately 24 players each summer and then in the Olympic year they pic the top 12 to represent the country at the Olympics. That means we go to see the best 24 players in the country compete against each other! What a show!

This of course is an Olympic year so we wanted to host a great event and help them prepare for a summer of tough competition! It was so amazing to see our club and our community rally around this idea and truly be spirited and dedicated fans!

People came dressed up, enthused and ready to support these amazing players from start to finish. The Red Blue scrimmage went 4 games and in game 3 the crowd was on their feet from 22-22 to 38-36! We were cheering and booing and just making a loud rukus like they do in international venues.

It was awesome to see all our young players with bright eyes learning from the talented USA team. Being able to see them so up close and personal really makes a difference and we know it will carry and impact for many years to come.

We are so thankful to the team and the staff for coming to Temecula and making it an event to remember! We really believe in the sport of volleyball and it’s potential to be one of the top sports in our country in years to come. It is currently the fastest growing female sport and we are on board all the way!

Up next for team USA is summer Grand Prix competition (they took the silver medal (Brazil won Gold)) and the 2016 Summer Olympics that start August 5th.

Follow the USA Women’s National team on Facebook and their Instragram @usavwnt


Forza1 will host the USA Volleyball Women’s National Team for the third year in a row for a Red/Blue inter-squad Scrimmage. This is the first time many of the players will compete with the USA National Team after last summers Rio Olympics. This is a new quadrennial (4 year Olympic cycle) and Karch and the staff will be evaluating lots of new players as potential members of the 2020 Olympic Team!

We want to give them a HUGE crowd to debut TEAM USA for the 2017 season! This past May we hosted the event at Murrieta Mesa High School in front of a sold out crowd and packed the place with enthusiasm! The USA staff said it was the best Red Blue Scrimmage they ever had and were so thankful to our club and Mesa for hosting such an awesome match. Here are some fun pics from the night! Click HERE for the whole story!

Make sure to follow USA Volleyball on all their social media and put their games on your calendar! Their new Instagram is @usavwnt!


Event Details

Date:   Friday, May 12th
Time:   7pm (tickets on sale 6pm)*
Location:   Murrieta Mesa High School
Autographs:   yes, after the game
What to wear:   Red or Blue or USA shirt!

What to bring, some ideas:
noise makers! hands to cheer! spirit!
face paint?!?! make it fun!
signs to cheer on the players
gifts for the players
something to have for autographs
cash for the Mesa Volleyball snack bar
bring your team, friends or family!