Club Tryouts


Girls 2020-2021 Club Tryouts Save the Date!

  • Tryouts for 15 and older age divisions:
    • July 25-28th
  • Tryouts for 14 and under age divisions:
    • Ocrtober 3-6th
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If you have any questions
please contact us

Dana Burkholder
Club Director

Christina Pulver
Director of Operations


Forza1 will field teams of all ages and levels. We will accept players as young as 7 (2nd grade) and as old as 18 (12th grade). We will accept players who are beginners as well as intermediate, advanced and elite. Our goal at Forza1 will be to provide players of all ages and levels the opportunity to participate in a way that suits their experience, helps them develop as a player and person, and meets their commitment level. Players from everywhere are welcome and new players are welcome too!


Forza1 will offer 3 different CLUB levels of participation:

Under Armour/National - this level is meant for experienced elite players and/or those who want to compete at the highest level locally and nationally. Intermediate and advanced level athletes often play "National" as well if they are making a bigger commitment and are looking to become college prospects. What separates Under Armour from the others levels is that these teams travel to Junior National qualifiers, JVA Tournaments and a large National Championship Tournament at the end of the season.
Practices = 3x per week + strength & conditioning
Tournaments = approx 10 per season
Season lasts November - June

               *Note: Under Armour and National players will tryout on the
same day and we will place your daughter according to her
skill level and evaluation at tryouts.

Elite (regional) - this level is meant for intermediate to elite players who are looking to compete at a high level regionally (Southern California) and build their technical skills and understanding of the game. Elite is very similar to "National" in that they compete in the same league (SCVA). The main difference is that these teams do not attend qualifiers and their National end of the year tournament is in Anaheim, CA and hosted by the SCVA as the Soiree.
Practices = 2x per week
Tournaments = approx 9 per season
Season Lasts November - June

Local - this level is meant for beginning to advanced players. We will have a range of local teams in each age group to accommodate the varying levels of skill and experience. Local teams will play in the 12s, 14s or 16/18s divisions and play in either Open or Club. At the end of the year we also host our very own Forza One Performance Cup!
Practices = 2x per week
Tournaments = approx 7 per season
Season lasts November through May

                   *Note: Local tryouts are separate from the National/Regional tryout. If you
know you want to play local this is the tryout for you! If you're not sure,
contact our office and we will steer you in the right direction.


Every level/age has 2-3 tryouts. We can offer players spots or create teams at any time during the tryout. It is mandatory and important to be at every tryout so you are present when we offer spots and create teams. If you have any questions please read the tryout format details below the registration link at the bottom of this page. If you have further questions contact Dana or Christina. Thank you!
We will have 1 Tryout per Day for each age/level. It is important that you attend the set tryout time for your age/level since we can create teams and offer positions at ANY point during the tryout. We want everyone to have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and be evaluated correctly so it is MANDATORY to attend all tryouts for your age/level for each day. If for some reason you cannot attend we ask that you contact Dana as soon as possible for assistance.

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CLASSES OF 2016-2023

Class of 2023
Claire Little - BYU

Class of 2021
Kylie Berg - Columbia
Molly Wilson - Washington

Class of 2020
Katrina Jensen - Boston College

Kimberly Deboer - SFSU
Brianna Deboer - SFSU
Reka Monteleone - Nevada, Reno
Hailey Hinkel - Sienna College
Juliette Russel - Gonzaga
Cassandra Orozco - Menlo College
Jordan Doiron - Vanguard
Devin Sivertson - Concordia
Layla Cederlind - Northridge

Class of 2019
Josie Collier  - UCSD
Jayde Harris - Portland
Julia Haynie - Portland State
Nikki Khoshatefeh - UMBC
Julia Haynie - Portland State
SIlvia Ianeselli - Boston College
Paige Johnstone - Cal Baptist
Kaylee Christie - Fairfield University
Morgan Johnson - Brigham Young - BYU
Grace Talpash -  University of San Francisco
Jasmine West - Northern Arizona
Anna Holman - South Carolina
Summer Ellis - Claremont McKenna

Class of 2018
Rebecca Rendahl - MB - Minnesota
Aubrea Bandfield - S - Northern Arizona
Peyton McBride - OH - Portland State
Kaili Downs - RS - Utah Valley
Kenzie Guimont - MB - Utah Valley
Hailey Carter - S - Chico State
Haliee Oviatt-Devillier - RS - Dixie State
Sophia Torres - S - Cal State Monterey Bay
Lauren Voelker - L - Chico State
Emma Christopherson - South Dakota State
Braelyn Wakefield - Dominican
Josephenie Su'a - La Sierra
Asia Clarke - Cal State San Bernardino
Danielle Bellfi - Vanguard
Jenna Hillenbrand - Cal State Stanislaus

Class of 2017
Karli Koza - L - Minot State
Nicole Jones - MB - Stony Brook
Jessica Haynie - OH - San Francisco State
Morgan Lauvray - L  - Simmons College
Abbie Douran - MB - Providence
Lucyanna Herrera - L - Menlo College
Haylee Templeton - S - Southern Idaho
Saria Migao - OH - Western New Mexico

Class of 2016
Cindy Marina - USC
McKenna Miller - BYU

Stephanie Stone - Marist
Bailee Huizenga - CAL Berkeley

Elizabeth Pulver - Stony Brook
Mallie Donohoe - Seattle Pacific

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