J.D. is a well-versed athlete of many sports and has taken his passion for teaching and translated it into coaching volleyball. This will be J.D.’s 9th year of coaching Club Volleyball. Im 2018/2019 JD coached the 14 Elite Red team where he had good success throughout the season. In 2017/2018 JD coached the 16 National team, 18 Elite team.  In 2016/2017 JD coached the 16 National team at Forza1 along with two elite teams. In 2015, JD was the head coach of a 14 and 16 Regional Team and his 16s teams was one of the most winning teams in the club. JD loves to join in with the players on their path to becoming a better player and you can see his passion everyday on the court.

in his first season he head coached at Temecula on a 16 National team and won more tournaments than any other team in the club. Prior to starting at the club level, J.D. coached at North Side High School in Tennessee for 3 years and in 2013 took over as Varsity Head Coach at Murrieta Valley High School.

Off the court J.D. teaches math and still enjoys the sports he played and coached alongside volleyball – basketball and football.