Season 7 is here! We Are One! Here are some of the details so you can begin to prepare for the season.

When do Practices Begin?
17/18s Teams - week of September 28
15/16s Teams - week of September 28
13/14s Teams - week of October 19th
11/12s Teams - week of October 19th

Location: 36580 Penfield Ln Unit 101, Winchester, CA 92596

Team Meeting with Coach -
During first week of practice. Coach will communicate.

When does practice gear arrive*?
On or before the first practice delivered to your home!
PVL Tournament Link : https://www.premiervbleague.com/

When do SCVA tournaments begin?
12s Teams - December 12th
13s Teams - December 6th
14s Teams - December 5th
15s Teams - October 24th
17's Teams - October 25th
16s Teams - October 16th
15s Teams - October 24th
See the full schedule and guidlines at SCVAVolleyball.org

What end of the season tournament do I plan for?
Elite Team Nationals: Soiree, June 20-23
National Team Nationals: TBD late June/July
UA Team Nationals: TBD late June/July

We are One!

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2020/2021 Practice Schedule

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F1TT Training Schedule

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