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14 & Under Girls tryouts - faq

1. Do I have to attend both days of tryouts? Yes, it is mandatory that players attend both days to be properly evaluated.

2. What tryout do I sign up for? There are two factors to consider (Age and Experience).

Use the table below to determine the age group you would sign up for. For example, a player born in Aug 2010 would sign up for 13s tryouts.

As for experience, the ONE/National tryouts are for more advanced player, while the Elite/Local tryouts are for beginners and intermediate players.

3. Does joining a club team conflict with Middle School League? No, Middle School League will end prior to the start of club team practices.

4. Who can sign up for Forza1 Tryouts? Anyone can attend tryouts regardless of prior experience.

5. What are the prices for a club team? Club team pricing information will be available at tryouts.

6. What is the practice schedule? Practices will be held M-S from 4-9pm. Schedules will be posted the last week of Oct. Team practices will begin in November.

7. What is the tournament schedule? You can see the current SCVA schedule HERE. You can also see potential SCVA tournament sites HERE. Team coaches will let families know in advance of the tournament location.

8. If offered a spot, how do I commit to the team? More information on this will be available at tryouts.



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